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Got Chicken Scratch for Writing? Have No Fear, Muji is Here!

February 27, 2017

Full disclosure: My writing isn’t pretty. As much as a lot of women seem to possess the feminine flair in their writing, I don’t.

For this reason, I face an internal struggle every time I purchase a beautiful new notebook from Chapters. I don’t want to taint it with my chicken scratch writing because it’ll offset the beauty of the pages. #StationeryAddict

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Nor do I want to take part in “calligraphy” writing. Let’s get serious, who has time to write that immaculately?

Browsing through Instagram’s flat lay feed of perfectly hand-written text in notebooks is the equivalent of watching a Victoria’s Secret fashion show (which I never do). The envy is real.

So what’s a girl to do?

After immense trial and error with pens, I came across one in particular which has made my writing appear aesthetically nicer (keyword here is “nicer” not perfect).

If you’re looking for improvement without having to spend a pretty penny on a fancy pants pen, I highly suggest : “The Hexagonal Pen” from Muji.


This pen is hands down, my all time favourite.

Reasons Why It’s So Great :

  • It’s super fine needle point tip (available in 0.25mm — 0.4mm ) The thinner the tip, the more precise your writing!
  • Not to mention I love the overall hexagonal design of the pen. Its simplicity, matte texture and overall effectiveness is what makes it a favourite of mine:)
  • Bonus points for it being extremely affordable ! Price : 3.75 CAD

Heads up : If you write your heart out with it, you can buy a refill from anywhere between $1.50 – 1.75


At the moment, this Japanese haven doesn’t have an online store for Canada. Nor can you find this store in the 514 (Montreal). If you ever plan a trip to Toronto, Vancouver, New York or even Japan, you can stock up there!

–> Shop their US store and check out their Canadian site <—-



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